The Workshop of Liz Meyer
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Rachael from Blade Runner, just because.

Gavin was featured in the February issue of Computer Arts. Check out the full feature & interview which is now online.

Raised in upstate New York, Gavin Potenza began his love affair with design at the tender age of 14 when creating a wrestling website for the WWF. He learnt two valuable lessons that day: he really wasn’t a fan of wrestling, and he liked designing websites. The next stop was art school…

Photo by Joby Sessions.

Check out this super cool and handsome young man

The Armory 2014 by Script & Seal

Woop, my cover for the Armory Track!

"Our Brooklyn" - preview of our piece for the upcoming NY/LON book.

HEY, YOU! Check out my studio, Script & Seal.
Don’t know why I made this, but you’d better enjoy it.

If you’re in NYC this Friday and want to do something exciting, you should come by our studio! Here are some things you can do when you’re here: 1. Watch us work2. Look around and enjoy yourself3. Buy some things we have for sale4. Talk to us5. Bring us snacks?6. Entertain us with song and/or danceWe are all very nice, but we’ll probably be even nicer if you bring a cute dog with you upon visiting. Everyone has an incredible stash of goodies for sale, so don’t miss out because we’re probably never going to do this again. 

From a series on fashion that will be coming out in a couple of days